Bite-Size Cookies - Guava Macadamia Nut - 4 oz bag, by Kauai Kookie

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Do not let these curiously pink cookies deter you; one bite of these Bite-Sized Guava Macadamia Cookies and you will be hooked! They have combined a medley of sweet and tangy guava and infused it into a delectable macadamia cookie for the ultimate island treat.

Guava fruit is best known for its green exterior, reddish pink meat, and its sweet and sour flavor. At the Kauai Kookie factory, they have incorporated this exotic fruit into a signature cookie for a deliciously tangy snack you will not be able to put down! Open up a bag and you will instantly be greeted by the unmistakable fruity aroma of Guava Macadamia cookies. Real guava puree and crunchy macadamia nuts are added to their home-style cookies for an enticing island taste.