Carol A. Peacock-Williams was born in Memphis, TN and now lives full time in Lihue, Hawaii on the beautiful island of Kauai with her daughter Christy Jo and husband.

As a member of the Kauai Children's Authors Guild, Carol enjoys participating in book signings and readings. She loves nature, animals, reading, painting, taking photographs, SCUBA diving plus anything creative.

This three generational effort is made up of Mother, daughter, & granddaughter who are all big on good bedtime stories. Carol & Christy Jo inherited their artistic talents from Carol's Mother - Bessie Merle.

They are always creating some form of art project, telling stories or as the Hawaiians say "talk story".

My Kauai - Kids Book, by Carol A. Peacock-Williams

$24.95 USD

This delightful childrens book was inspired and written right here on Kauai.  Follow this mother and daughter as they explore Kauai's special places.  Each place is illustrated with a unique painting by Carol!