Darryl Gonzales

Local slack key musician Darryl Gonzales will sweep you away with his wonderful Hawaiian slack-key music.  In his own words...

"I had a dream that one day I would be able to express myself through music, to speak through my guitar. To let people hear and feel my heart, by those who molded and inspired me. To let the world hear my bloodline. To testify and acknowledge my existence.

I remember so many family celebrations, I carry them all in my heart, the times when everyone was either playing or dancing to the music. I think this is partly why I do what I do. It’s the way Hawaiian music grows; collaborations with local players, playing all styles of music, supported by friends and family, and a whole host of angels. This gift has been given to me by the hand of God so that I can bring my dream into existence. Now I share it with you.

One of my most memorable moments In music was the time when I was invited by Dr. Byron Yasui from the University of Hawaii Manoa to perform in the 2002 Hawaii Guitar Festival. Three performers were chosen from around the world that year and I was one of them."

Darryl can be found online at:  http://darrylgonzales.com/

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