Hawaiian Gold Mustard

Mustard lovers, eat your heart out. This Kauai mustard is taking the island by storm. Hawaiian gold Kauai mustard has become more than just a stocking stuffer during the holiday season. The finest farm to table island restaurants are incorporating this Kauai mustard into their intricate, local built culinary chef-d’œuvre.

The rich flavors of this malt vinegar based ground Kauai mustard make it the perfect accompaniment for many island-flavored delicacies. Hawaiian Gold can be used by the spoonful for just about any meal. Try it for yourself today!

Owner Rick Roberts is a long term resident and community member of Kauai. He still produces every batch by hand to order. Rick uses Trees Lounge in Kapaa as the destination for his mustard cooking. Trees is not only where the best Kauai mustard is handmade, this is also great location to view live music six day a week on Kauai. Trees Lounge also has an annual Oktoberfest party with the primary menu consisting wiener schnitzel, baked pretzels, and Hawaiian gold Kauai mustard!

The ingredients are simply ground mustard seed, malt vinegar (that causes a chemical reaction giving it it's kick), eggs and sugar. It has a kick yet is sweet with a mayonnaise-like texture.