Aloha! I started this private Kauai tour company to offer an alternative experience to the big bus tours and their preset itineraries. As an avid explorer, researcher, hiker, and amateur naturalist I am passionate about all things Kauai and enjoy sharing this with our visitors!

Customized Kauai Tours: For around the same cost as some of the group tours we provide you with a customized all-day private tour of Kauai that can include: seeing the sites, learning about our layers of history and our interesting plantation culture, learning a little Hawaiian Culture, natural history, going adventuring, snorkeling, hiking, swimming, etc. Each Kauai Tour is customized for you and goes at your pace, only seeing and doing the things you like the most! No more waiting for other people to get off the bus or wasting time at places that don’t interest you.

Erik Burton
Owner/Kauai Tour Guide

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