Kauai Klay

Kauai Klay was founded by local entrepreneur Nina Moyer.

Kauai Klay masks to make your skin look young, fresh and healthy!  Kauai Klay masks are a high perfomance, ancient beauty routine which remains superior. Made with the highest quality clay from around the world, along with locally sourced/wildcrafted ingredients.

Quality will never be compromised as we value small batch production. You know what you're not paying for when you purchase Kaua'i Klay masks? Water... all of our masks are water activated which ensures that you are paying for results. These masks do not sit in a container for who knows how long, losing strength and effectiveness. You get the hands on customization which is half the fun. The other half being: how soft and lovely your skin is after you rinse it off.

I began my natural beauty formulations from an early age. It was a skill gifted to me from the women in my family. The high value of self care was evident in the way they would age gracefully. I knew it worked, when as a child my grandmother was often mistaken for my mother or big sister.

Making skincare and hair products became an addiction. Often leading me to gift my creations to friends and family. I have used these clay masks consistently for years. It has been the weekly routine that always gives me something to look forward to.

Giving them to friends and family was one of my favorite highlights.

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