Laird Superfood

Legendary surfer and Kauai resident Laird Hamilton has been into nutrition and coffee for years.  His fanatical pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee has led to the introduction of Laird Superfoods, LLC.

It is all about getting the buzz from coffee without the jitters so that you can perform at your peak! The coffee beans themselves are high quality Arabica Super Hard Beans grown at over 6,000 foot elevation. They are hand picked to ensure uniform ripeness and development of the complex flavors that it is all about.

Laird's Organic Superfood Creamer is the perfect way to introduce the minerals and high quality fats that you need to get a great start to your day. For those who don't drink coffee, Lairds Organic Superfood Enriched Cocoa has complex flavors and Superfood enrichment! 


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