Cucumber - Japanese - Hydroponic, by Kauai Fresh Farms

$4.75 USD

Japanese cucumbers are known for their thin skins and small seeds. These beautiful cucumbers are hydroponically grown for best flavor and cleanliness. No soil, no bugs, no problems. Just beautiful nearly flawless and tasty cucumbers. No need to peel or remove the seeds before eating, just slice and go! The flavor is mild with a perfect cucumber texture.  Variety and...

Tomatoes - Hydroponic, by Kauai Fresh Farms

$6.60 USD

If you appreciate perfect produce then these beautiful hydroponic slicing tomatoes are for you! Not only are they beautiful but, unlike the flavorless Costo tomatoes, these have real vine ripened tomato flavor. Hydroponics is a method of farming that grows produce without soil. Instead a variety of growing mediums (like little rocks) are used over which flows a stream of...

Bananas - Apple, 1 lb, by Kauai Farmers

$3.50 USD

These delicious bananas were grown right here on Kauai.