SPAM is beloved by Hawaii's people and is used in a variety of dishes including SPAM and eggs, SPAM Musubi, and so, so much more. We are pleased to be able to bring you this SPAM authorized merchandise!

SPAM can be found online at:

SPAM - Korean Version, by SPAM

$20.00 USD

This SPAM shirt is made for the Korean market and is super cool!

SPAM Shaka Kaua'i T-Shirt - Royal Blue, by SPAM

$20.00 USD

Exclusively available at The Kauai Store are the SPAM Shaka Kaua'i t-shirts! We also have the SPAM slippahs, the SPAM cookbook, and the SPAM Musubi t-shirt!

SPAM Shirt - Navy Blue

$20.00 USD

You gotta just love these SPAM Shirts - an instant classic with the SPAM Shaka Kauai logo that is exclusive to The Kauai Store!