Crayons, by Kauai Crayons

$8.95 USD

These fun shapes are actually crayons made from literally tons (5 tons recycled and counting) of recycled Kauai crayons from our schools over the years.  Each shape is fun and your kids will enjoy coloring with them.

Holoholo i Kaua'i Activity Book, by Mike Tackett

$5.95 USD

This is a great kids activity book with puzzles, mazes, stickers and more.

Hulo - Hawaiian Word Game, by Kamehameha Publishing

$12.00 USD

This classic series of four books record many interesting and colorful legends of Kauai that are full of places names and local information. Collect them all.

Knuckles The Hound Of Hanale - Book 2, by Done By Dogs Publishing

Sold Out

This is the 2nd book in the Knuckles series, the Hound of Hanalei!

Knuckles The Hound Of Hanalei, by Done By Dogs Publishing

$14.95 USD

This great book details the adventures of Knuckles, the Hound of Hanalei!