Bumbye, by Kupaoa

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Kūpaoa — The lovely entwining voices of Līhau and Kellen Paik have delighted listeners and audiences for almost a decade, starting out as musicians who shared stages with friends and each other, and then gelling some 7 years ago as the duo Kūpaoa, who have since become a solid institution in the field of Hawaiian music. Bumbye, the title track, celebrates both the here and now and the anticipation of what is yet to come. In the long by-and-by of life, all the experiences, memories and joys are collected up as treasures and mementos, and then bumbye - up ahead - new wonders await. That's the feeling with this collection of songs, some that have been plucked from the garland of memories that adorn family and community here and afar, mixed into a bouquet of new compositions that offer up glimpses of heartfelt affection, humor, thoughtfulness and general fun. Every song was chosen because it brought smiles to both the performers and the audience. When everyone is having a good time, there's so much promise in the bumbye of it all.

1 He Aloha Ka‘upulehu
2 Noelanioko‘olau
3 Ka Waiwai 
4 Aloha Mai Lana‘i 
5 Beautiful Sunday 
6 Sweet By and By 
7 Bumbye 
8 Pakalana A Ka Pu‘uwai 
9 Pua Maria 
10 Hawaiian Soul 
11 Hinalea 
12 Kaulana Kilauea 
13 I Got You Babe