Laird Superfood™ Peruvian Certified Organic Fair Trade Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee has been rated as one of the most premium coffee beans in the world. 

Fair Trade and Organic - Sustainability and social responsibility is important to us, which is why we insure that farmers are paid top dollar to support their families, and also to support the extra effort it takes to grow and process the best quality coffee without taking shortcuts.  These beans have been certified organic via the USDA.

This HB Class bean is grown at an altitude above 4000 feet and hand picked to insure ripeness of every coffee cherry, this coffee bean is treated with care every step of the way.

The bean is wet processed and carefully dried to prevent taste contamination from the flesh of the cherry, its then rested.  Its slow roasted in small batches in a drum roaster which insures even roasting, and the slow roasting compared to flash roasting preserves flavor.

After roasting its packaged using our special proprietary packaging system, which removes oxygen and flushes with inert gases.  Typically coffee in standard packaging will go stale within 2-4 weeks, often times by the time it hits the stores its already stale.  Our coffee will remain fresh tasting and preserve the complex flavors for 6 months or longer using our proprietary packaging before opened.  Our proprietary inert gas process reduces oxygen content to 0%, where other industry standard nitrogen flush systems only reduce o2 levels to 3.5%.  This little bit of oxygen makes a world of difference in freshness. We go the extra mile and expense to insure you are getting the best, freshest coffee possible.


$22.00 USD