I Know You By Heart, by Kupaoa

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Getting the chance to record new music is a blessing, as melody and lyric haunt our hearts and minds until they become songs for others to hear and enjoy. Our second album, English Rose, was released in 2010 and with a three-year gap between then and now the number of songs that we wanted to record grew beyond belief. Although we completed and released our third full-length album, Bumbye, in March of this year, some of the songs most dear to us still hadn’t made it to disc. We are so pleased to be able to share this EP, a collection of compositions that includes some of our most important and beloved songs.

At the heart of this album is He Aloha Awaiāulu, the driving force behind this project and the first original composition ever shared with us by our teacher and friend Dr. Puakea Nogelmeier and its sentiment is mirrored by the title track, I Know You By Heart. We dedicate this album to Aunty Marti Steele, for without her kind heart and generous aloha, Kūpaoa would not be.

1 Limahuli 
2 Uluhia Nā Pua 
3 Kamaʻalua 
4 Mele Aloha 
5 He Aloha Awaiāulu 
6 I Know You By Heart 
7 Lei ʻO Māʻili/Dance With Me